Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crazy (Not to fall for you)

I wish I had the power
To pick all your insecurities
Lock them in a box
Throw away the key
Yeah, I wish I had the power
To show you
You’re as beautiful as you can be
And any boy that doesn’t get on his knees
Would have to be crazy, crazy, CRAZY,
Not to fall for you.
Yeah, he’d have to be crazy, crazy, CRAZY,
Not to fall for you.
There’s a thing about you that sets you apart
In a world so cruel and material
You’re one of the few that think with their heart
Since I’ve got to know you babe
I can say without a doubt
That you put your loved ones first
 leaving yourself at last
You don’t wanna let them down
Just wanna make them proud
So i can’t imagine that any boy
Who walks into your town
Wouldn’t wanna take you out
and make the night never end
walking around and around
Unless he’s crazy, crazy, CRAZY,
Not to fall for you.
He’d have to be crazy, crazy, CRAZY,
Not to fall for you.
He’d have to be batshit crazy
Straight out of an asylum
High on Valium
Have 99 problems
Not to fall for you.

The Best & The Worst

If i would write a thousand poems,
To tell you what i feel
Or say that I love you
What would that reveal?
When what we have
Is deeper than love, babe,
and more complicated in a way.
I like your presence around me
You're my iced tea on a summers day
If it was up to me, babe,
We'd never go our separate ways
Oh, I would challenge you to find
Another man who sees what I see
But if you know me by now
I'll hope you always come up empty
Because you bring out the worst in me.
Its a compliment
Don't be upset, babe
It was never meant
to hurt your feelings
Its just that you are so amazing
You make me wonder
If i deserve to be with you
So i get jealous
of all the people who get close to you
I can be such a child
I'm so afraid to loose you
After all, Its because of you
I'am not a man of yesterdays
Because of you, who eased the fall with a warm embrace
Because of you, I think of love as a happy place
I learnt to dream, because of you
Stepped out of my box, because of you
who turned that box into a home
I can never be alone, because of you
And though I'm hopeful that me and you will be together someday
If you met another man along your way
I would learn to let you go
Yes, I'm thankful
For the man you made of me
I had thought that was all I could be
But darling, you brought out the best in me.
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