Saturday, March 27, 2010

A 100 ways (to say I love you)

Utterly and Oh so willingly.
I'm yours.

Against the odds,
Against your thoughts,
and borders that cut accross.
I'm yours.

I'll say it in a 100 ways,
In Swahili or plain english.
I'm yours.

Je t'adore,
Aloha Au Ia ʻOe,
Eu adoro você.
I'm yours.

I'll walk through real and fantasy,
We'll explore a world you've never seen.
I'm yours.

I'll say it in a 100 ways,
Learn a new language everyday.
Cuz I'm yours.

Wo ai ni,
Mama oyata adareyi,
I'm yours.

Let down your guard and think free,
Your ears are closed to your heart beat,
You know what you feel,
but your afraid to feel.
Maybe that's why your body, freezes over,
When you come close to me.
It's okay, I'm scared too,
First time i've ever said "I love you",
I love you.

Even when you dont want company,
I'll bring back your smile, have faith in me.
I'm yours.

Oh I'll say it in a 100 ways,
And if I cant I'll translate.
Cuz I'm yours.

Aku tresnasliramu,
Naenu Ninnu Praemisthunnaanu,
Main tumse pyar karta hun,
I'm yours.

It's been a while since our last date,
I've seen you around, but nothing said,
I'm was hoping you'd come around someday,
Let butterflies out of you,
Let them take to the skies, into the blue,
There's only room for me in you.
There's only room for me in you.
I'm yours.

or Carelessly,
Make up your mind about me,
And if you choose to stick with me.
Remember, there's no returns, no warranties,
You say "I'm yours", and I'll never leave.
Oh you say "I'm yours", and I'll never leave.

Forever, and ever, and ever, ever, ever,
I'm yours.
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